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TRV Reversible medium duty mower

The TRV reversible mulcher is designed for front or rear mounting on low to medium power tractors (30 to 100 HP). It is ideal for mulching grass, maize, hay, pruning waste (in olive groves, orchards, etc.), brushwood and more besides.  It boasts a robust steel frame and an electronically balanced rotor mounted on fully enclosed, self-aligning bearings. The belt transmission is driven by an oil bath bevel gearbox with freewheel.  The implement can function in both directions of PTO rotation. The rotor can be fitted with Y blades or hammers to suit the job in hand.

N.B.: Specify PTO speed: 540 rpm or 1000 rpm.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Hammers or blades; counter-blades; height adjustable mounting slides; CE standard safety devices; self-cleaning levelling roller with rapid hight adjustment; adjustable belt tensioner; mechanical lateral movement; oil bath gearbox with bi-directional freewheel.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: PTO shaft; hydraulic lateral movement kit; front and rear wheel kit; second arch with three point linkage.

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