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TPE verge mower with external gearbox-parallelogram action lateral movement

Thanks to an extensive range of adjustment, the TPE verge mulcher can be used on all kinds of terrain. It is ideal for mulching grass and twigs in ditches, on verges, embankments, and in vineyards and orchards in general. The TMC mulcher can be used centrally aligned or laterally displaced and functions at any angle from +90° to -60° (fig. 1). Lateral movement varies according to the model.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Hammers or blades; counter-blades; height-adjustable mounting slides; European standard safety devices; height-adjustable self-cleaning, levelling roller; adjustable belt tensioner; oil bath external gearbox with freewheel; inspection cover; hydraulic system with safety valves for vertical rotation and lateral movement; Rilsan coated, aligned PTO shaft; parallelogram action lateral movement; hydraulic fluid tank.


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